Global Research Ethics and Integrity Module (GREIM)

A module offering an interactive online approach to ethics and integrity issues in higher degree research.


The U21 Global Research Ethics and Integrity Module (GREIM) is an online course for candidates undertaking higher degree research. GREIM is the product of a collaboration between the universities of Birmingham, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Lund, Nottingham, Queensland, Virginia and New South Wales, with the University of Melbourne as the lead institution. The course development process was a collaborative effort involving professional and academic staff from the partner institutions.

GREIM allows graduate researchers to work through a series of case studies reflecting a range of cultural, disciplinary and methodological perspectives germane to ethics research debates around the world. The course provides space for personal and shared critical reflection, interaction with expert advisors, facilitated discussion and face-to-face workshops. 


There are eight module topics, delivered as ‘chapters’ in GREIM:

  • Introduction and Orientation
  • Research Conduct
  • Authorship and Intellectual Property
  • Research Limits
  • Consent and Confidence
  • Animal Research
  • Commercialising Research
  • Research Governance

Anticipated learning outcomes of GREIM include:

  • Understanding what constitutes good practice in research and what factors make research ethical or unethical
  • Increased awareness of ethical issues that may arise during research
  • Awareness of national and international guidelines on ethics in research
  • Practicing critical thinking and ethical reasoning
  • Insight into university ethics committees – processes and issues
Dr Gemma Marakas
U21 Research & Project Co-ordinator