Researcher Collaboration Group Members

David Saunders
Position: Fund Specialist (International)
Dr. John Smart
Position: Director of Research Management
Xavier Rodde
Position: Head of Research Information and European Funding Support
Dr John Hepburn
Position: Vice-President Research & International
Dr Jennifer Craig
Position: Research Programme and Support Manager
Dr Antje Harnisch
Position: Executive Director Office of Sponsored Programmes
Joseph Galloway
Position: Contracts Manager (European)
Ms Ivy Mak
Position: Head of Research Services
Adrian Collins
Position: International Research Coordinator
Warwick Dawson
Position: Director of Research Partnerships
David Crowley
Position: Head of International Research Development
Matt Rackley
Position: Business Development Executive; Europe
Mr Ian Harris
Position: Research Partnerships
Ms Nicole Shively
Position: Manager, Sponsored Research (Linkages & Partnerships)
Professor Wenjun Zhang
Position: VP Research & International Affairs
Dr Gemma Marakas
U21 Secretariat
Position: Researcher Development Manager