Terms of Reference

The U21 Student Mobility group is represented by the nominated U21 SMO from each U21 university.

The aim of the group is to enhance student mobility within the Universitas 21 framework in accordance with the objectives of the Delhi Accord.

These terms of reference were drawn up in 2007 are are continually assessed.

  • The U21 Student Mobility group represents those working with student mobility at each U21 university. The aim of the group is to enhance student mobility within the U21 framework in accordance with the objectives of the Shanghai Declaration and promote collegial and collaborative interactions.
  • The U21 Student Mobility Officers, the nominated representatives of their universities to the U21 network for all aspects of U21 student mobility - including agreements, exchange balances, incoming and outgoing student mobility and mobility strategy – are the principal members of the Group.
  • Responsibilities for U21 student mobility can range across a number of staff and more than one area at a member institution. In recognition of this, together with the importance of the collegial and professional development benefits of this kind of co-operation, all staff working with U21 student mobility are encouraged to participate in the activities of the Group listed below.
  • The Group will be administered by a Student Mobility Network Co-ordinator appointed by the U21 Network.
  • The U21 Student Mobility Network Co-ordinator will submit twice-yearly reports to the U21 Managers on behalf of the Group, summarising student mobility participation rates and activities.

To provide a forum which:

  • Brings together staff from U21 institutions with responsibility for U21 student mobility activities.
  • Monitors participation in mobility activities across the network and develops new and innovative ways of enhancing student mobility.
  • Facilitates the exchange of ideas and the development and sharing of best practice.
  • Promotes student mobility within U21 institutions and to relevant external stakeholders.
  • Provides a mechanism for members to participate in benchmarking activities.
  • Facilitates the reporting and discussing of issues restricting the growth in U21 student mobility and where appropriate recommends action to the U21 Managers.

The Group will:

  • Hold an annual meeting usually prior to the NAFSA International Education conference each year.
  • Participate in visits and other meetings using the most effective and efficient means available, including in person where possible/practical.
  • Maintain an email discussion list and web pages.
  • Inform the members of any change in U21 Student Mobility Officer. The U21 Student Mobility Network Coordinator to subsequently update the contact list.
  • Working Parties shall be set up to work on specific projects as required. Membership may be drawn from the Group or co-opted from outside the Group where relevant.