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A directory of on-line resources at U21 member universities open for all to use.


University of Queensland
Teaching and Educational Development Institute (TEDI, offers planning and learning resource principles as well as practical advice; practical teaching support, including a range of resources, websites and a glossary; a description of different types of assessment and links to UQ guidelines and policies as well as resources that help implement the policies; and a section with information on how to make the best of the TEDI services. From this site, users can assess teaching toolboxes, tutor training information, evaluation services, and connect with “communities of practice.”

Center for Educational Innovation and Technology (CEIT, CEIT performs research on learning environments and digital tools that have the potential to transform and innovate teaching, learning and creativity. CEIT offers a range of resources, including ongoing projects, news, blogs and galleries of innovative learning spaces.

T&L at the Ipswich campus ( is unique. Click here to learn more about this resource-intensive, small group, interactive approach to teaching and learning.

University of Melbourne

Learning & Teaching ( showcases strategies and offers resources for both teachers and students interested in enhancing the learning experience.

The Teaching and Learning Unit (TLU, ) TLU provides a wide range of programs and services for academics and for graduate and undergraduate students. TLU programs and services are embedded in the Business and Economics disciplines.

University of New South Wales

Learning & Teaching at UNSW ( This pan-university site highlights initiatives, programs, and events, as well as offering resources and skills development techniques to support academic development which enhance the student experience.



University of British Columbia

Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT provides programs for faculty, students, and the UBC community. Support for distance learning and a wide array of resources for faculty and students are also available through the CTLT.

As part of the CTLT, the Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, (ISOTL supports research and reflection on teaching and learning with the aim to inform and enhance practice and it advocates for an effective reciprocity between research and practice.

UBC Okanagan's Centre for Teaching and Learning ( promotes and supports excellence in teaching and learning. The Centre provides campus- wide instructional support for all models of teaching and learning, including online learning and conducts a number of events to support various models for teaching and learning.

McGill University

Teaching and Learning Services (TLS, offers a wide array of services and resources for both the teacher and the student. Course evaluation and portfolio guidelines, resources and support, as well as workshops and events are available for faculty.



Fudan University
No information currently available.

Shanghai Jaio Tong University

E-Learning Lab ( conducts research to advance the science, technology and practice of flexible and interactive learning and teaching in E-Learning area.


Hong Kong

University of Hong Kong

Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning (CETL, CETL offers a variety of activities to enhance academic development (workshops, induction, orientation and certificate courses) and conducts institutional research projects (surveys and focus group investigations). The development of "common core" courses, of outcomes-based approaches to student learning, assessment and an evidence-based approach to the introduction of change, are embedded in the activities and projects described in the web site. Resources include assessment resources, descriptions of learning forms, surveys on learning experiences, descriptions of current research and a variety of resources and support for T&L.

The Teaching and Learning website ( provides a platform for the communication on the latest development regarding T&L at HKU, including information about the student experience.

The Information and Communication Technologies for T&L at HKU ( web site is a “one-stop shop” to learn about the extensive network of teaching and learning support services.



University of Delhi

Institute for Lifelong Learning ( offers news, resources and links to collaborative ventures, in addition to listing initiatives and activities undertaken by ILL.

Centre for Professional and Technical Training ( – This site describes the CPTT, which is an institution under Campus of Open Learning, established with a view to introduce job oriented courses for students.

Campus of Open Learning ( This site provides links to the various projects and initiatives underway within the Campus of Open Learning.



University College Dublin

The Teaching and Learning homepage ( supports teaching and academic development by providing evidence-based, information-rich resources. There are approximately 60 downloadable/printable resources and the website regularly showcases developments and teaching innovations across the university. The academic development section provides information on the range of courses available and the news section has regular updates on teaching and learning.

The Teaching and Learning Strategy Group in the School of Medicine( is responsible for examining what is taught, how that knowledge is delivered and how student learning is best assessed.



Waseda University

Distance Learning Center ( The Center establishes of university-wide distance learning promotion plans, provides support for the implementation of classes involving e-learning, develops and discusses e-learning methods, and collects information and publishes research results and achievements from inside and outside the university in relation to e-learning.

The Open Education Center ( OED is an inter-departmental organization of undergraduate schools aiming to provide students with the knowledge and experience needed to help them solve the new and complex problems facing the world in the 21st century. All of the programs offered by the Center are open to all undergraduate students regardless of their major. DETAILED INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE ONLY IN JAPANESE.



Tecnológico de Monterrey

No information currently available.


The Netherlands

University of Amsterdam

No information currently available.


New Zealand

University of Auckland

Teaching and Learning homepage ( is an umbrella site for a wide range of teaching and learning initiatives and resources, including news and events, policies, guidelines and procedures, information about T&L evaluation services, information about available support services, and links to information about UoAs’ flexible, distance and e-learning initiatives. Also included are links to documents about T&L, features of UoA’s approach to QA for T&L, information about student survey policy and details regarding professional development programs.

The Centre for Academic Development ( The Centre for Academic Development provides a centralised service to the University community offering consultation, design and development of digital learning resources.

The website of the eLearning Group (, within the Centre for Academic Development, hosts an eLearning showcase and provides support for designers and instructors of courses with elements of eLearning.

Business & Economics Resources(BEIS, provides resources on a variety of topics including research on business learning, links to business T&L journals, curriculum planning, technology in T&L, assessment and graduate attributes.

Education Centres ( site offers teaching resources for a variety of educational purposes, including English and Literacy, Cross Curriculum Teaching, and Languages and ESL. Please note these resources are FOR SALE.



National University of Singapore

Centre for the Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL, CDTL offers programs, publications and conferences to enhance the quality of teaching and learning at NUS by triggering reflection on different conceptions of teaching and learning, their rationale, and the modes, strategies, and practices of teaching that are consistent with these conceptions. The Center conducts research on educational philosophy, pedagogical theory, and educational practices and assists NUS administration in the formulation of educational policy. CDTL develops and implements teacher education programmes for faculty and teaching assistants; provides educational consultation and assistance to faculty; and explores and promotes pedagogically sound innovative applications of instructional technology to teaching and learning, in collaboration with the Centre for Instructional Technology (


South Korea

Korea University

The Center for Teaching and Learning ( is committed to enhancing the quality of education at Korea University. CTL provides faculty with a variety of programs to develop and improve their teaching ability. For students, CTL offers academic support programs to promote autonomous learning that complements the learning conducted within the classroom. To extend learning further, CTL hosts OpenCourseWare and other e-learning initiatives.

Korea University OpenCourseWare ( - Korea University’s OpenCourseWare offers courses, course materials, Open Study, and other open educational resources.



Lund University

Office of Evaluation ( assists faculties with evaluation for quality assurance and improvement of the various study programmes offered by the university. Studies are presented in a series of reports (mostly in Swedish). In some cases an extensive summary in English is provided.

EQ11 ( is a Steering Committee-led organization, working with the Centre for Educational Development, charged with improving the quality of education offered at Lund through a number of T&L initiatives.


United Kingdom

University of Birmingham

Centre for Learning and Academic Development ( works to improve the student experience through services which include dedicated support and guidance for teaching enhancement work, learning and teaching technologies, training, and an annual T&L conference.

Learning Development ( and ) is responsible for pedagogy development and on-line innovation projects, curriculum quality enhancement, staff and students' skills development, learning spaces development, teaching spaces capital projects and the management of the institutional virtual learning environment. The site provides descriptions of projects underway.

Learning Resources ( provides links to available resources and learning centres for students and staff.

University of Edinburgh

Institute for Academic Development ( is a pan-university unit whose remit is “continuing professional development and dissemination of best practice in teaching and supervision, promotion of student study skills, professional and transferable skills development for PhD students and researchers, and the development of innovative strategies in teaching and assessment.”

Centre for Teaching, Learning and Assessment ( provides resources and links on issues to do with T&L. Researcher Development ( offers training courses and resources for professional development of researchers.

University of Glasgow

Learning & Teaching Centre ( helps implement and develop the University's L&T Strategy, and identifies, assesses, and disseminates new developments and good practice to enhance the student learning experience. The site provides, among other things, good practice resources and learning tools.

Learning & Teaching Strategy (

Good Practice Resources ( offers a diverse array of guidelines and case studies on issues ranging from assessment and feedback, employability, collaborative learning, and learning and technology.

Researcher development The above links provide an overview of support available to researchers and links to relevant strategic planning documents.

University of Nottingham

Promoting Enhanced Student Learning (PESL, is a series of resources around teaching practice, including videos, case studies, etc. This site contains reflections on what does and does not work, as well as suggestions, tools and resources for different ways of dealing with various teaching issues.

E-Learning at Nottingham (EL@N, offers practical advice and support for those interested in “how to do e-learning”.

The Xerte Project ( provides a full suite of open source tools for e-learning developers and content authors producing interactive learning materials, as well as resources and community support for e-learning developers.

U-NOW ( U-Now is the University of Nottingham’s formal open courseware initiative, and a member of OpenCourseWare Consortium. University educators from around the world are invited to make use of the teaching materials available through this open courseware initiative.

ePioneers ( ePioneers is an approach to e-learning adoption, based on mentoring of 'quick gain' projects. Through video conversations, and supported by documents, School of Education staff offer views of e-learning adoption.


United States of America

University of Connecticut

Institute for Teaching & Learning ( is a pan-university division that provides pedagogical and technology support for faculty, graduates, and undergraduate students, including faculty development programs, instructional design and development workshops, an instructional resource center, a learning resource center, and a quantitative resource center.

Instructional Design and Development ( offers an online seminar to help with developing and teaching an online course.

Technology in Teaching ( is a wiki to help faculty use technology in teaching.

University of Virginia

Arts and Science Center for Instructional Technologies ( ASCIT provides one-on-one and small group consultation, training and presentations on the use of technology in teaching. ASCIT often collaborates with other University of Virginia resources such as the Teaching Resource center, ITC, and University Library Resource Centers such as the SHANTI, Scholar's Lab, Robertson Media Center and the Digital Media Lab to facilitate instruction and research. The unit supports or provides consulting services for several easy-to-use web-based course tools and offers workshops on effective integration of technology into teaching.

Digital Media Center ( The Digital Media Lab is a collaborative effort between Information Technology and Communications and the UVA Library which actively fosters an environment for peer-driven teaching and learning, focusing on areas involving the convergence of media and technology. These areas include digital imaging, audiovisual production and post-production, physical interactivity, 2D/3D animation, mobile technologies, as well as visualization and delivery of media content. Each semester the lab sponsors a series of instructional short courses for a variety of software applications and technologies. They also consult with faculty on introducing media technology into the curriculum.

Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities ( IATH was established to provide researchers in the arts and humanities with an opportunity to employ sophisticated technical support and advanced computer technology in the service of their scholarship. IATH offers consulting, programming, and data services to academic, cultural, non-profit, government, and business organizations.

The Teaching Resource Center (TRC)( The TRC is a pan-University center for community and committed conversation about teaching at all levels and in all academic disciplines. The TRC offers a number of services and resource materials designed to enhance the teaching abilities and professional development of faculty and teaching assistants. The TRC also administers several special programs aiding in the development of courses.

Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) at the Curry School of Education ( CASTL is a center for research on teaching, aimed primarily at educating primary and secondary school teachers. CASTL offers programs, resources and publications aimed at enhancing teaching and the student learning experience.


Resources available non-U21 members: