An outline of the whole WFSC project.

Population growth, rapid urbanisation, increasing prosperity and associated increased resource use, environmental and social impacts combined with climate change are challenging the water futures of the world’s cities.


Strategic Importance

This initiative on water futures for sustainable cities and its planned outcome of influencing policy and practice aligns with the strategic priorities of Universitas 21. It is directly relevant to the UN Millennium Development Goals as well as to important environmental regulations such as the European Union Water Framework Directive. Objectives Development of a Universitas 21 water network to address the sustainability challenges for cities across the globe requires the completion of three objectives:

  • Integrating the diversity of skills in the Universitas 21 water community.
  • Preparing a connected portfolio of externally funded research projects focussed on the water sustainability challenges of cities.
  • Developing the external recognition of Universitas 21 as an independent contributor of knowledge and expertise in city water planning and innovation.