Details on the 7 WFSC themes.









Theme 1: Water education, literacy and citizenship

  • transition education for environmental sustainability
  • UVa and UM collaborating on developing the Bay Game for Australian water management issues.
  • UK Economics and Social Research Council funds have been obtained for the first component of this
  • UConn is setting up a large capacity building proejct in Ethiopia (funded by USAid). U21 water experts are required for short-term teaching and graduate supervision.

Theme 2: Urban river corridors

  • multi-disciplinary performance assessment for sustainability of restored river reaches
  • Project development workshop, University of Delhi, 12-13 November 2010
  • See below for the draft workshop report

Theme 3: Innovation strategies for city water systems 

  • a critical examination of the new modelling frameworks for sustainability assessment
  • Project development stage

Theme 4: Tracking the fate and transport of endocrine disrupting chemicals and phamaceutical and personal care products in ecosystems

  • UoA EDC project, June 2010
  • Repot from EDC Workshop, January 2009
  • EDC project update

Theme 5: Sustainable waterfronts development

  • Workshop report

Theme 6: Recycled Water

  • Project Development Workshop took place in November 2011
  • Outline position paper in progress

Theme 7: Urban water governance

  • Project development workshop held at Lund University, 29-30 August 2011 
  • Position Paper published February 2012 (download below)