2011 - Rich Myerson from Birmingham in Queensland

I have found this experience highly rewarding and I greatly recommend it.

The choice to study my 3rd year abroad was a daunting one, but I can tell you, very rewarding!

I arrived in Brisbane late one evening and was met by a representative of the university who chauffeured myself and two other English students embarking on their own study abroad experiences. I arrived in the Base hostel in the city centre where I lived for the first few days before I managed to find a house-share in one of the suburbs close to the university campus. I found going to one of the University ‘crash course on living in oz’ seminar/workshops very useful, informative and a great way to meet friends in the same situation from all over the world. It was there that I actually met two of my current housemates.

During my first semester at the University of Queensland I found the course content stimulating and delivered in a much more personal way to that I was used to back at the University of Birmingham due to the smaller class sizes. I particularly enjoyed the workshops which were well stocked with technological equipment and very well staffed with post graduate assistants, who were very friendly and helpful.

The UQ campus is very beautiful, with several ornamental lakes inhabited with several varieties of turtle, fish, eels and some spectacular reptiles including water dragons. As well as the stunning scenery, the facilities at UQ are top notch and cater for everything with a great gym and sports centre as well as many sociable areas including a great grass courtyard, food court and Red Room - the student bar.

The Australian style of university education is very similar to what you might find in the USA, you take several courses (usually 3 or 4) each semester and are examined at the end. I found this very different from the Birmingham style where it feels like you have longer to learn the material before testing begins.

This experience has provided with my first journey to Australia and has facilitated my wish to explore the wonders that are to be found there. UQ (St Lucia campus) is located in the awesome city of Brisbane on the east coast of Australia and is situated in a perfect place for anyone who wants to travel the beautiful east coast.

In summary, so far I have found this experience highly rewarding and I greatly recommend it!