2010 - Megan Rice from Dublin in Connecticut

The experience I had in Connecticut will last me a life time.

U-C-O-N-N, UConn, UConn, UConn!!! School spirit, team chants, Spring Break, cheerleaders, fraternity houses, sorority houses, Spring Weekend, the University of Connecticut has it all and even more! As a third year science student I decided to go on a study abroad option and as I didn’t have an extra European language, I decided to apply to the USA. I applied to and got accepted into the University of Connecticut. The college is located in the scenic and beautiful area known as Storrs and is ideally located in between Boston and New York City. So in January 2010 I packed my bags and left my small village in Ireland to venture across the “big pond”; destination, Connecticut. The experience I had in Connecticut will last me a life time. I have met people from all over the world, from the US, Europe and even as far as Australia.

At UConn, I was able to experience living in a dorm with a roommate, attend college games such as basketball, ice hockey, baseball and American football, travel to South Beach Miami for Spring Break and participate in extra activities such as trips to Broadway shows, NBA matches and other activities like oozeball and zumba! With all of its amazing facilities, an incredible gym, a once in a life time experience of American college nightlife, UConn also offers an outstanding educational experience. Classes are more open and relaxed, and the opportunity is provided to discuss more on a topic rather than just being fed information. In addition, I found the work given to students was more practical. The professors were approachable, enthusiastic and more than happy to have exchange students in their class.

From my time at UConn I have made lifelong friends, learned a lot about myself and how to cope in a different environment and have also been able to make connections and contacts for my future career in science. UConn has been one of my most amazing experiences and I would urge anyone considering this college for an exchange, immediately make it a reality and as they say at UConn - student today, Husky forever!