Undergraduate Research Conference 2011

URC 2011, Fudan University, China.

51 students from 16 member universities and 13 faculty from 10 members universities attended the 2011 U21 Undergraduate Research Conference at Fudan University from 13 to 18 July.  

This year’s URC began with some excursions instead of serious business, so that students and staff inChinafor the first time could have a gentle introduction to the programme and the local lifestyle. Seven Fudan students and two faculty members accompanied the student and staff cohort alongside two professional tour guides, to give everyone a chance to interact and get the most out of the events.  he participants went to the Shanghai Museum to have a taste of the national history, to Yu Garden and the local bazaar market to experience the Shanghai style of daily life, on a Huangpu River cruise to enjoy the mixture of modern high-rise and colonial architecture, to watch a Chinese acrobatics show for the breathtaking excitement and to Su Zhou City to understand Chinese garden design and fine tastes of the traditional scholars.

The latter half of the URC week was dedicated to research and poster presentations. Faculty members from related disciplines from Fudan were invited to comment on and rate all presentations. All participants voted for “The Best Oral Presentation”, “The Most Imaginative Oral Presentation”, “The Best Poster Presentation” and “The Most Imaginative Poster Presentation”.  Those who came with posters were given the opportunity to present their projects to fellow students during coffee break, lunch break and after each day’s sessions was completed. The students were very committed to the presentations and and were enthusiastic in their discussion.

The week was wrapped up with an award presentation and farewell dinner, where students volunteered to put on a talent show to thank fellow students and staff for their work.  The participating students also created a Facebook group after the event to keep in touch.  


Each year the participants are given the opportunity to publish their research in the University of Virginia's journal The Oculus.  This year's URC publication is now available online at http://issuu.com/theoculus/docs/u21shanghai