Global Cities/Local Sites - Universitas 21 launches first e-book

15 July 2009
Universitas 21 launches first e-book in collaboration with Melbourne University Publishing in a series to look at major global themes and issues.

Universitas 21, the leading international network of research-intensive universities, and Melbourne University Publishing have launched the first in a series of innovative e-books on global themes and issues at

The first e-book, Global Cities/Local Sites, edited by Will Straw (McGill) and Douglas Tallack (Leicester, formerly Nottingham) is a multi-media collection of essays on seven world cities in which key global issues – flows of information, images, people and products – are explored through the analysis of local sites. These issues include new forms of social and cultural mix, new urban projects (often re-workings of historical locations), new forms of urban practice in public space, and new or stubbornly traditional but subtly re-configured discursive formations.

This series of multi-media books is written and designed specifically for electronic delivery. Global Cities/Local Sites goes well beyond the simple digitizing of text to maximise the potential of permeable boundaries to the book, thereby bringing together argument and archive, and encouraging greater collaborative research. And, of course, an electronic medium also permits inclusion of video, still-images and audio, with the aim of integrating image and analysis more effectively.

Speaking on the eve of the publication, Jane Usherwood, Secretary General of Universitas 21 commented, “I am thrilled to see the publication of this innovative work in an exciting new format. This will allow people to interact with academic output in a way which hitherto has been restricted. It is a great example of academics from around the world collaborating through the medium of a global university network.”

The subsequent books in the series are scheduled for publication in 2010. Global Cities/Local Sites costs AUS$50 (c.US$40 / c.£25) and is available for purchase from 15 July 2009 at . The ISBN-13 number is 978-0-522-85718-4.