Early Career Researcher Workshop: Healthy Living

23 June 2011
We are delighted to announce the second Early Career Researcher Workshop to be held in December 2011 at The University of Birmingham on the theme ‘Healthy Living’.

Our theme

‘Healthy Living’ is an interdisciplinary topic allowing diverse and complementary research specialisms to contribute to solving one of the most important questions currently facing us. 


One of the key global challenges at the moment is how to improve human health and wellbeing.  It is predicted that by 2020 approximately 1 in 5 of the European population will be aged 65 years or over and that by 2050 this could rise to 2 in 5.  Other Westernized countries throughout the world are also following a similar trend.  This increase in life expectancy has not been accompanied by an increase in healthy life expectancy; thus, the ageing population is a major health and economic issue, providing a considerable impetus to understand and improve the health of humankind.  Some of the approaches to increasing our knowledge and understanding of these issues, and how to combat them include focusing on stress, exercise, nutrition, and sleep, as key health-related behavioural variables.  Developing these areas of research and finding novel solutions to this global challenge is likely to take a multidisciplinary approach.


A major objective of universities across the U21 network is to ensure that researchers appreciate the value of belonging to rich intellectual communities in which a multiplicity of research is being carried out.  At this U21 ECR workshop, you will meet global peers for networking and research communication, while gaining valuable skills and training in critical aspects of research career development, such as media and communication skills, journal editing, licensing and spin-offs, grant writing, and career progression.  Training will be conducted by academics and/or industry professionals with experience in these skills and research career development training.


Keynote address by Prof John C. Mathers, University of Newcastle, UK.


Inspirational mid- and late-career speakers with a variety of research backgrounds from the Universities of Birmingham, Loughborough, Westminster, and Surrey (UK) who will talk about their research, their career paths, and give participants tips and strategies for research career success.  There will also be the opportunity to network and share some of your own research outcomes and ideas in our interactive group workshops and poster sessions.


Who can attend the workshop?

If you are an early career researcher within 8 years of completing your PhD, and your research lies within one of the many fields of healthy living research, be it Life Sciences, Psychology, Sport & Exercise Sciences, Public Health and Epidemiology, Medicine, or the Allied Health professions, we invite you to join this barilan-conflict career development workshop.


For more information please visit the 'events' page using the tab at the top of the page.  You can also contact Gemma Marakas (g.marakas@bham.ac.uk) with any questions.