University of Amsterdam opens Summer Programme to U21

16 December 2011
The University of Amsterdam is opening some of its 2012 Summer Programmes to U21 universities and offering a limited number of scholarships.

The Summer Institute at the Graduate School of Social Sciences of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) will offer a variety of intensive summer courses in a number of academic fields in 2012 and each year selects a couple of summer courses to offer to students from partner institutions. The International Student Affairs office at UvA is providing 10 scholarships of €400 for students from U21 universities on a first-come, first-served basis; the first 10 eligible students to apply will be awarded with the scholarship.

Please refer to the list below for the selection of summer courses open to students from your institution:

  • Global Poverty & Inclusive Development is a one week programme for Postgraduate and Phd students. With this program, students will become familiar with the Moving out of Poverty Framework developed by Deepa Narayan – an internationally known expert on poverty and author of Voices of the Poor and Moving out of Poverty. The tuition fee will be 850 Euro.
  • Sexuality, Culture and Society is an intensive four-week programme for graduate/Master and PhD students which focuse on the study of sexuality across cultures. The tuition fee will be 2700 Euro. ;
  • Alcohol, Drugs and Addiction as a Global Problem is a two week programme for graduate/Master and PHD students which provide a multi disciplinary approach to the study of addiction. The tuition fee will be 1600 Euro.
  • Urban Studies: International Housing, Policy and Planning is a three-week program for undergraduate/Bachelor students with a focus on real urban contexts, the course will examine subjects such as architecture and neighbourhood design, housing finance and policy, urban sustainability and the impact of household and demographic change. The tuition fee will be € 1650. ;
  • Social Policies & Pragmatic Tolerance is a 3-week programme for undergraduate/Bachelor students on subjects such as immigration, drugs and sex work. The tuition fee will be 1400 Euro.

More information on the summer courses, such as entrance requirements, content of the courses and tuition fee can be found in the attached flyer ‘Summer Programmes'. Please note that tuition includes excursions, readers, and lunches on class days, access to the university libraries and computer facilities, and a city transport pass. The tuition does not include travel to and from Amsterdam or housing.

For more information on all offered summer courses please see