U21 launches TLN Staff Fellowships

04 January 2012
U21 launches a scheme to help facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills within the U21 Teaching & Learning Network and to encourage the sharing of best practice.

The U21 Teaching & Learning Network (TLN)  has established a U21 TLN Staff Fellowship Programme to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills within the U21 TLN and to encourage the sharing of best practice.

The Programme is designed to provide support to a range of academic and support staff (including Directors of Teaching and Learning and Chairs of Department Teaching Committees) to travel to and undertake research at another U21 member university in another country in order to respond to the Grand Challenges and begin to develop strategies in these areas. The focus of the visits should be on new educational methods, pedagogy and technologies. Staff will also have the opportunity to investigate and discuss administrative practices, including policy, systems and procedures in a U21 member university.

There is great value in this approach as a way of responding the Grand Challenges identified by the Steering Committee:

  • Leadership of educational change, including driving educational change across the entire university
  • Curricular and pedagogical reform, including major structural reform, use of learning outcomes, evidence-based curricular reform, the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of different teaching models, the opportunities and challenges presented by educational technology and blended learning, assessment in the digital age, and employability 
  • The teaching-research nexus, including linking teaching and research, and creating a culture where teaching and research excellence are seen as equally important and where teaching innovation is as important as research achievement
  • Student engagement, including pedagogical approaches to enhance student engagement and deep learning, personal tutoring, peer and small group learning
  • Broadening the educational experience, including inter-faculty collaboration in teaching, integrating experiential, co-curricular and extra-curricular learning
  • Internationalisation, including internationalisation of the curriculum, preparation for global citizenship, and ESL language support for international students

The Programme will offer leaders the opportunity to explore state of the art methodologies and practices in teaching. Under the terms of this scheme, the U21 TLN seeks to:

  1. support research and other collaborations as outlined in the U21 “Vision and Aims” 
  2. ensure that collaborations have global focus and perspective
  3. further collaborative and cooperative working with clear outcomes
  4. add value at an institutional and individual level
  5. facilitate research and related links with member universities from outside the country where the applicant is working.

Fellowships will be awarded where there is the clear support of both home and host university. Applications must briefly demonstrate how the award will further staff development and recipients will be required to write a report upon their return to the home institution for shared learning. The report will be shared with others in the TLN.

There are five fellowships available, worth up to US$1,000 each.

The deadline for applications is 1 March 2012.

Further information can be found below.