Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile joins U21

11 June 2012
Universitas 21 is very pleased to announce the admittance of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) to the network, bringing the membership of the network to 24 and extending its global reach yet further with engagement from South America.

PUC was officially welcomed into U21 at the 2012 Annual Presidential Meeting, which Dr Ingacio Sánchez, Rector of the university, attended at the start of May.  Speaking at the meeting, Dr Sánchez commented, “I am delighted that the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile has become a member of Universitas 21.  Our university is fully committed to co-operating and working together as an advocate for the network and I feel we have both a great deal to contribute to and learn from our colleagues around the world.  We are looking forward to the many and varied collaborations that engagement will bring.” 

With 124 years of excellence in teaching, PUC is placed among the 250 best universities in the world and placed second at a regional level according QS ranking; it receives the highest number of university applicants among Chilean universities and as such has extremely high academic standards. 

Dr Hugh Brady, newly-appointed Chair of the U21 network and President of University College Dublin, greeted the admittance of PUC with enthusiasm, noting “We have been looking for some time to find a South American member who would complement the existing profile and standing of what is now widely considered to be a strong and innovative global network.  PUC is a very good fit and opens up a new geographical region to the network, enhancing the opportunities for international collaboration and development across our activity.”

We very much look forward to working with our new Chilean colleagues.