About Universitas 21

From its origins in Melbourne in 1997, Universitas 21 has grown to a vibrant community of research-intensive universities who collaborate in areas of common interest and application to our students, our faculty, our universities and higher education more widely.

Universitas - Celebrating 15 years of International Collaboration 1997-2012

Universitas 21 is the leading global network of research-intensive universities, working together to foster global citizenship and institutional innovation through research-inspired teaching and learning, student mobility, connecting our students and staff, and wider advocacy for internationalisation.

Collectively, its 24 members enrol over 830,000 students, employ over 145,000 staff and have approaching 2.5 million alumni. Their collective budgets amount to over US$25bn and they have an annual research grant income of over US$4bn. The network's purpose is to facilitate collaboration and co-operation between the member universities and to create opportunities for them on a scale that none of them would be able to achieve operating independently or through traditional bilateral alliances.

All Universitas 21 member institutions are research-led, comprehensive universities providing a strong quality assurance framework to the network's activities.

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The Secretariat is the hub of Universitas 21, co-ordinating and overseeing activity across the network, with offices in the UK, the USA, Australia and Canada.

U21 Presidents have active oversight of network activities, delegating operational matters and day-to-day responsibility to the Secretariat and to local Managers based at each member.

The Chair of Universitas 21 is currently Professor Hugh Brady, President of University College Dublin. Chairmanship of the network rotates on an annual basis.