Educational Innovation

This cluster works to realise the benefits of research-inspired teaching by delivering a student experience that is unique to research-intensive, international universities. It facilitates the development of innovative approaches to teaching and learning by tracking activities to a set of identified Grand Challenges.

The U21 EISG oversees activities in the U21 Educational Innovation (U21 EI) cluster.
A group for senior staff with responsibilities in relation to teaching and learning across the U21 network.
The annual U21 conference for practitioners and administrators concerned with Teaching & Learning at our member universities.
A series of published papers on key themes and topics arising from discussions among U21 Teaching & Learning Network members.
A scheme to help facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills within the U21 TLN and to encourage the sharing of best practice.
A group which discusses issues of common interest and promotes interaction and projects within reserach and teaching in Education.
'FINE' is an international group of doctoral students in education who co-operate and collaborate on educational issues from a global perspective.