Position papers

A series of published papers on key themes and topics arising from discussions among U21 Teaching & Learning Network members.

In 2011, the U21 Teaching & Learning network decided to embark on a series of publications, looking at themes that held resonance within the U21 network and beyond.

The first in the series grew from the 2011 Teaching & Learning Conference and focused on the internationalisation of the curriculum and how this could and should affect the way in which universities adpat their teaching models.  The paper provided an overview of the research landscape for the benefit of practicing educators across a range of disciplines.  The paper addresses a range of issues, drawing on existing research, to provide expert advice on questions such as “What is an internationalized curriculum (skills versus content and the role of pedagogy)?”, “Why does an internationalized curriculum matter?”, and “What do we know about how it can be delivered?”

The second in the series looked eastwards to China and the way in which the Confucian education system has influenced and indeed continues to influence teaching in East Asia, and the lessons that those in the west can learn from this totally different approach to teaching and learning.

Further publications are planned for the coming years and all the papers can be read by following the "more information" link below.