Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies (DDoGS)

A network to enable Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies to share ideas, enhance knowledge and develop contacts.

Welcome to the web-pages of the Universitas 21 Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies (DDOGS). The U21 DDOGS have formed a network to enable us to share ideas and information, and enhance knowledge, contacts and the skills-base across our membership.

We aim to identify ways in which U21 members can support each other and, ideally, share resources in such areas as professional development materials or programmes, information systems, and core policies and procedures.

To that end, we have launched a number of specific initiatives, of which those currently running include a Visiting Researcher Postgraduate Protocol, a collation of Graduate Fellowships and travel opportunities, the development of an on-line Research Integrity Project, Graduate Research Conferences and the U21 Joint PhD Project.  For further detail on these initiatives please follow the 'More Information' link below.

The U21 DDOGS hold formal meetings to discuss current issues relevant to all the membership, benchmarking and best practice. Their first meeting took place in November 2001 in Noosa, Australia (hosted by the University of Queensland), and involved DDOGS and Research Managers. A second meeting was held in Glasgow, Scotland (jointly hosted by the Universities of Glasgow and Melbourne) in July 2004. The third meeting took place in November 2005, hosted by the University of British Columbia in Vancouver the fourth in Lund, Sweden in May 2007, then Hong Kong in November 2008, Melbourne in 2010 and most recently the University of Virginia in 2011. Reports from these meetings are available by clicking below.

The DDOGS are also responsible for organising the Graduate Research Conference Series that was inaugurated in 2008. The first U21 Graduate Research Conference, held in Birmingham in 2008, was on the theme of water. In 2009 it was held in Melbourne and Brisbane on the theme of Sustainable Cities for the Future, and in 2010 it was hosted by the University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus on the topic “Food”.  The next GRC is planned for July 2013 and will be hosted by University College Dublin on the theme 'Energy'.

The DDOGS network is currently chaired by Professor Mary Bownes, Vice Principal External Engagement and Professor of Developmental Biology at the University of Edinburgh.

Professor Mary Bownes
Vice Principal External Engagement
DDoGS Meeting, Virginia 2011
DDoGS Meeting, Melbourne 2010
DDoGS Meeting, Hong Kong 2008
DDoGS Meeting, Lund 2007
DDoGS Meeting, Vancouver 2005
DDoGS Meeting, Glasgow 2004