Student Exchange

Broaden your horizons by studying abroad at another U21 university and see the world from a different perspective.

The U21 Student Exchange Programme can provide you with the opportunity to experience new cultures, meet new people, see more of the world - all while enhancing your studies and expanding your horizons!

Students at all levels and across all disciplines participate in U21 Student Exchange Programmes each year. Check your home university's U21 Student Exchange Programmes for eligibility for undergraduate, graduate and research students Go on exchange - make your CV or resume stand out from the rest! By studying abroad on exchange, you will have the opportunity to learn about a new culture, see the world from a different perspective and make friends that will last a lifetime. You will benefit academically by experiencing a different academic system, studying subjects which are not offered at your home university and gaining an international perspective on your discipline. You may have the opportunity to learn or develop your proficiency in another language. Personally, you will become more independent, grow in self-confidence, develop greater cross-cultural communication skills and gain a broader outlook on life. All while meeting new people, having fun, travelling and exploring new places.

Importantly, all these skills which you will acquire and develop will give you a competitive edge when you embark on a career or further study. Independence, maturity and excellent communication skills are just some of the skills employers are looking for.



Increasingly employers are looking for key transferable skills from university graduates. An overseas study experience brings many benefits to graduates, in terms of their added-value through the skills obtained and the international dimension they acquire. In the professional disciplines such as business or engineering, the global nature of the activities makes international competencies necessary even for positions in national companies.

In other fields, such as sociology or physics, international competencies are viewed as important for internationalising the job roles but also an international study experience brings many of the important ‘soft skills’ demanded in jobs which may not have a visible international component. Importantly, all this can be gained while you earn credit towards your degree. Exchange does not require time out from your course nor any additional tuition fees.


What next?

For more information on U21 Student Exchange opportunities:

  1. Contact your university's study abroad/international office for details on how you can make your exchange dream a reality.
  2. Browse the Member List and look through members' websites to work out where you would like to go.
  3. Read the experiences of students who have recently embarked on their own U21 exchange