U21 Summer School

Engage in an exchange of cultures, experiences and intellect with students from around the network.

The Universitas 21 Summer Schools for undergraduate students are an excellent way for students from all disciplines to come together to study and share ideas. Starting in 2004, the Summer Schools are still as popular as ever, and nearly all participants enthuse about the exciting and diverse range of people they have met, the shared experiences they have had and the challenging concepts they have discussed and developed.

Each host chooses a theme to base the week of activtiy around and many take the opportunity to introduce a topic that is of importance to the host university, region or country, thus making it a culturally-relevant experience for foreign students and an opportunity for local students to gain international perspectives on "home" issues.

  • 2012, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Querétaro campus: Shaping the Future Global Entrepreneur
  • 2011, University College Dublin: Conflict Resolution
  • 2010, University of Nottingham, Ningbo Campus: Food Security 
  • 2009, University of Queensland: Climate Change Adaptation. 
  • 2008, University of Birmingham: Embracing diversity through creativity, culture and innovation 
  • 2007, University of Virginia: Leadership in a Global Society 
  • 2006, University of Hong Kong: Asia as the Global Future 
  • 2005, Lund University: 
  • 2004, National University of Singapore: Global Technology Entrepreneurship 

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